About Life on White

With 38466 images and around 1175 different animal species, our objective is to create the largest collection by a single photographer, of animals photographed in front and on a white background.

All our animals, both domestic and wild, have really been photographed in front and on a white background. The biggest difficulty is to find animals and owners who are willing to participate in this project, and we travel throughout the entire world looking for animals who often have a very privileged relationship with their owner.

Our photo sessions generally take place over one week. We travel with one or two assistants in our camping car (in Europe) from one photo shoot to another. All the animals are photographed in their own environment/home so that they do not suffer any stress linked to transport or to unknown environments.

Many of our images are accompanied by "making of" videos. These serve as souvenirs for the team, and are also shown to animal owner's so that they can see for themselves how these photo shots take place. One can see the different types of studios that are used depending on the situation (outdoor/indoor).

Part of our earnings are given to charities or organisations dealing with the protection of animals (you can consult the list of donations on our Donations page).

On this website you can find both royalty-free images as well as those with and exclusive licence. The royalty-free images can be found following a link that will take you directly to the image banks who specialise in these types of licences. Our images are available on various different image banks, the most well-known being Fotolia, iStock, Alamy and Shutterstock. The images with extended licences are managed on this website.

If you have an animal that you wish to immortalise or propose for a casting, or if you are looking for a specific animal for an event, a photo or a film, you can consult our casting page.

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