Eric Isselée

Photographer and founder of

Birthdate : 18/12/1966

Born in 1966 in Brussels, Belgium, Eric Isselée has always been passionate about the animal kindgom and nature. At the age of 17, while completing his degree in photography, he worked with his father, a light aircraft pilot, as an aerial photographer.  

In 1988 Eric founded Global Photographers, specialising in portraits of babies and young children and at the same time discovered a taste for sculptures and lamps made from wood and scrap metal.  His interest for the animal kingdom was really enhanced when he began travelling. His first visit to Africa and the sight of beautiful endangered species brought to the creation of Life on White in 2005.  In the past four years Eric's project has grown to 10000 photos of over 450 animal species and his very ambitious aim of photographing as many species of animals on a white background is becoming more and more of a reality. Life on White also helps through donations, made from the sale of animal photos, to animal charities and sanctuaries helping endangered species.

Eric currently still lives in Brussels with his wife, four children and many pets.




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