Royalty-free images of animals isolated on white for all your needs.
Images d'animaux sur fond blanc pour tous vos besoins.


Royalty Free

We offer two types of licenses for our Royalty Free images: Standard and Extended. Differences between the two are listed below.

For any commercial use, or projects with over 500,000 copies/impressions, the Extended license is required.

Extended license

Standard license

Starting at 60,00 € per image (excl. vat)

Starting at 7,16 € per image  (excl. vat)

  • Unlimited web distribution
  • Unlimited print copies
  • Unlimited packaging copies
  • Unlimited out of home advertising impressions
  • Allowed in merchandising
  • Allowed on web templates
  • Video production of any budget
  • Decoration in personal and commercial spaces
  • Unlimited web distribution

  • Print up to 500,000 copies
  • Package up to 500,000 copies
  • Out of home advertising up to 500,000 impressions
  • Video production up to a $10,000 budget
  • Decoration in personal space


Our images cannot be used for logos, trademarks, sensitive use, or be resold without added creative elements with the Standard or Extended license.

If you do need to use images one of these ways, please contact us for custom licensing.